Anna Skryabina
Visual artist and designer
Anna Skriabina is an artist and a designer. Her work has been exhibited in Athens and Moscow. Anna has also designed collections of clothing, prints, and accessories. Her media experience includes being the creator for TVs in Russia, and a driver of social initiative on women migrants.
Skriabina has more than 10 years of experience as a graphic designer for private and corporate clients, and NGOs. She currently splits her time between Athens, Copenhagen, Capetown, and the island of Tinos.
Textile projects
Illustrations and textile design - are strong passions of Anna. Here you can see 100% Superskryabina production: illustrations, textile design, sewing, photoshooting, modeling, and production.
Zhuzhazhuzha - collaboration with Nina Shterenberg. It's all about us, women. Each one of us has this crazy alien thing inside. And this thing is playing tennis with strawberries or hearts!
One of my goals was to try as many activities, roles and projects. That's why, among my projects you may find logos, polygraphy, cartoons, merchandising, interiors, clothes, environmental projects
Design works
Logos, identity, websites, polygraphy. Check more on my Behance profile! These works are old enough. But a lot of new staff has been made!
Swiss start up about wine. Are you a small wine shop? Wanna find catalogue of wine makers? Then go on

Online kitchen constructor

Floriza - local flower shop
Logo, polygraphy, banners, presentations for Special Economic Zone
Interior design
Together with different team we created and implemented adaptable environment for visually impaired people in Karelian State Philharmonic Hall, conceptual design for supermarket, hostel, Montessori kindergarden and CODERED shop redesign, object design and furniture.
Concepts for premium category of beers at store.
Within a team of 10 brilliant individuals we managed to do a redesign of street wear shop in St.Petersburg just in 8 days. We designed and created all the furniture for the shop.

Design concept and 100% implementation

Conceptual design
Ideas implemented in Karelian State Philharmonic Hall
Social initiative
Social and information project on rights of women migrants, who come to Russia from former USSR countries (such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan). With aim to increase awareness among Russian citizens, give information on problem and focus on idea that daily routine of every woman is very common. Every woman faces the same joy and sorrow no matter which nationality she is.
Anna gives intro on the project. Reasons and routs. As well as those steps she has chosen to change the situation.
She lives here - animated video about everyday life of every women. Intro to the project. Video has English subtitles.
Go to the website to learn more about the project.
Illustration for TV
For TV rain I worked as free-lance illustrator. We started with illustrations, but then agreed on making animation too.
Here is one of examples of those video works which were made.
Illustration and animation on encyclopedia of the Russian avant-garde.
March 2019-June 2022
Product owner for Creative AI projects
Ethics of AI
Graphic design and visual assistance at the Center for Data Science and AI for top-level communication

Community Manager Lead at AITrading
Jan 2018-Sep 2018
AITrading - unique AI-powered trading ecosystem, where I was responsible for content management, social media management, and community. Check out social media resources of the company, text, graphics - and you will see my style.
Independent designer and project manager
since 2010
It is a long story of art direction, branding, graphic and web design, illustration, video making, interior design concepts, merchandise, webinars and social projects.
Superskryabina / since 2015
Brand of sweatshirts, raincoats and accessories for those who are brave. Unique prints made by Anna, tailor-made clothing and accessories.
TVrain / 2014
Intern in news department as part of first "Bolshaya peremena" project
PRO ARTE Foundation / 2012-2014
Research and implementation of adaptable environment for blind and visually impaired people based on Karelian State Philharmonic Hall in Petrozavodsk.
1TVCH / 2011
author and presenter of the show "Ideas for dacha". 10 series on how to make something beautiful of old crap for you home
AIESEC / 2006-2010
Team leader of Global Communication Crew with focus on Internal Communication. Vice President Communications for AIESEC in Italia (19 offices around the country). Communication responsible and recruitment responsible for office in St.Petersburg.
JobTech / 2008
Career Technical Forum Ogranization Committee Coordinator
Сontracting parties
In past years I have worked as a designer and partner with more than 80 different companies and organizations. Among you may find global corporations, small local startups, and NGOs.
Saint-Petersburg State University 2009
Information Scientist, Social Scientist majoring in Applied Informatics and Mathematic
Saint-Petersburg State University
Course of Korean Economy
Course of Korean Language
Epic Skills
htmll + css
Course of Korean Language. Level 1.
Digital Marketing course
Professional skills
  • — Informational scientist with good habits of researsh;
    — Creative concepts and design artworks of different level;
    — Organizational skills/ Team management;
    — Presenter and communication skills;
    — Project management / SCRUM;
    — Multitasking: work on 5 to 13 projects in one period of time.
I call myself creative consultant, designer and entrepreneur.
My background is pretty diverse. I graduated as Information Scientist in Social Studies, worked in international NGO for several years. Lived in Italy, worked in the Netherlands, travelled around 26 countries. I also worked on TV twice as presenter and author. I started my small business as graphic designer, managing interior and object design projects. I supported several NGOs with my work and found myself involved in different social projects (on adaptable environment, orphan kids adaptation, migrants and homeless people).
After 10 years of enormous projects, I jumped into a corporate world and work at the AI department of the bank, helping to drive AI-transformation to products and services. I have been responsible for Creative AI and machine learning projects, as well as strategy, ethics of AI and many other projects.

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